This guide shows how to root the Flytouch 3 device, based on Android Froyo 2.2. Mostly used programs fail to root the device because there’s not any USB debug option in the settings, so it can’t be activated.

In this guide we will make use of 3 apps.

1)      Launcher Pro (Can be downloaded from the market)

2)      App Installer or any other tool which allows installing apk files (Can be downloaded from the market)

3)      Z4root (refer to :

Download and install Launcher Pro and App Installer, then use App Installer to install z4root (remember you have to copy the apk to the SD card and then use App Installer to browse the directory where you put it and then install it).


 Description: image001.jpg


With z4root it is possible to root the device permanently or temporary, but unfortunately this program is not going to work, since USB debugging is disabled and the option for enabling it is missing in the menu.


Description: image002.jpg


When we go to the original settings menu we notice USB Debugging option is not available.


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So we first need to activate the USB Debugging.

Let’s go to the Launcher Pro home, by pressing the Home button a menu will popup


Description: image004.jpg


Select Launcher Pro, then the new home window will popup.

Now just press anywhere in the background until a new window (Add to Home screen) appears


Description: image005.jpg


Now select “Shortcuts”


Description: image006.jpg


Now select “Settings”


Description: image007.jpg


Scroll the list till you find “Development”, select it


Description: image008.jpg


Press ok, and it’s done, a new shortcut should appear on the home page. Now click on it and there you will find the “hidden” USB debugging option


Description: image009.jpg


Turn it on (should become green) and then close the window

Now back to z4root..


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Choose your preferred option, I chose Permanent Root


Description: image010.jpg


Now the program will start working to obtain root access. At the end of the process the device should reboot and should be rooted. You can also start again z4root and you should get the message at the bottom of the screen


Description: image011.jpg